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Our comprehensive hospice care approach focuses on helping our patients and their families find peace, comfort, purpose, and meaning in life during those challenging final days, weeks, or months.
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During an illness that is terminal, you or your loved ones may talk with your doctor and decide the treatments meant to cure or slow a disease are no longer working, or you are ready to stop them. Some people might think using hospice means they are giving up. While others worry that they won’t get the medical care they need. But Hospice services simply focus on the quality of your life instead of trying to cure a disease.

Your Hospice Team (also known as your Interdisciplinary Care Team) may include a doctor, nurse, social worker, counselor, chaplain, home health aide, and trained volunteers. This group of team members work together to create and update an individualized plan of care that meets your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Remember, hospice is for family members, too. Hospice care offers counseling and can sometimes assist with practical things and much needed rest breaks.

While making the decision to enter into hospice care can be one of the most agonizing decisions a family can make, many wait too long to seek this specialized care. At the very least, it is important to educate your family on the benefits of hospice care. Although this won’t make end-of-life decisions any easier, it may ease the anguish when the time comes.
Looking for relief from pain, shortness of breath, and other symptoms?
Abundant Hospice can help with the decision for end-of-life care. For a consultation please call our 24 hour referral line or

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What Our Clients Says

Terri Schirmer
Terri Schirmer
Michelle did a great job setting up Hospice services for my father in law. She expedited services when we needed them and continues to check on us. Thank you Michelle!
Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson
Abundant Hospice met our every need in a caring and timely manner. Michelle came as soon as I called to admit my loved one. She checked on me every day and after my mom passed. At this time, she cared for both of my parents. Ashton, Sylvia and Melissa gave me such comfort with their prompt and loving care. They were always available, and Ali was with me to direct service caretakers. I highly recommend this incredible company for the first rate we received. They are still caring for my other parent. And I am confident she is receiving the best care available.
Toni Martinez
Toni Martinez
Sally Yates
Sally Yates
Michelle has been a Godsend to our family. We’ve had several relatives we’ve needed her for and she’s professional, kind and efficient! Call Michelle if you’re in need of hospice. She will carry you through from beginning till the end with plenty of time in between!
James Gregg
James Gregg
Without any thought of personal gain, they went above and beyond to help our family when it was needed.
Steve Solis
Steve Solis
This facility was a nice place for my mom to spend her final days. Everyone was so nice and attentive to whatever my mom needed and we appreciate their fine hospitality. We were able to stay there for as long as we wanted anytime and they always made us feel welcome. Even the transition from the hospital to the facility was smooth and very quick and easy. Communication was always there and we have absolutely no complaints about anything at all. We would recommend this facility to anyone we know. Thank you again for making this difficult time easier for us.
Benny Bodea
Benny Bodea
This is one of the best option for your loved one's hospice needs by far! Denise, the owner, has built a great team of dedicated, professional and compassionate people to address all your Hospice needs!! Michelle is great to work with as well!! She's always going above and beyond to accommodate and present their services better than anyone else in the industry! We are so blessed to have them over in our facilities providing Hospice Services for our patients!!
Tracy Bradfield
Tracy Bradfield
Michelle Balero has such tremendous compassion for all those that she engages with. She goes above and beyond to take care of the patient but also the family. It is such a difficult time in our lives but she makes the transition so much more bearable by her supportive care❤️
Tabatha Truelove
Tabatha Truelove
Our girls are 19 and 23 years old and their amazing father Sean has fought a good fight but is ready to transition and stop his pain. I will start with my history as a hopsice case manager and as a hospice team director because I am very aware of the services hospice offers and I would like to say Michelle Balero thus far has gone above and beyond. She worked all day yesterday to get my girls father in Abundants IPU. She didn't stop until she got it done! She has kept in contact with us, responded to any questions, and went out of the way to make this experience better for my daughters. I am very sure I will be leaving more reviews and we are so happy to know Sean will leave this world with dignity and love from all!
George Torres
George Torres
Amazing Facility & Staff!! Their team is truly setting the bar high for exceptional, quality and compassionate Care here in San Antonio.

Do Medicare & Medicaid Cover Hospice Services?

Nearly half of Americans with a terminal illness opt for hospice care to make their final months or years more comfortable through pain management. That’s why it’s vital to understand how these two insurance options, Medicare and/or Medicaid, can work together during hospice care.

Hospice Services covered under Medicare

With a written certification from a physician, most aspects of hospice care are covered including:

Hospice Services covered under Medicaid

Medicaid also covers most of the same services that are covered by Medicare, depending on the state where you live.

Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have about coverage and cost.


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